Buddy’s music will touch… no, it will grab your life. It will reach into your heart and soul. It will make you smile, bring a tear to your eye, lift your spirit, make Bible stories come to life, make you tap your toes, make the love of Jesus vivid, make you contemplate, even chuckle and leave you wanting more. I’ve been listening to Buddy’s music for over twenty five years and have not grown tired of it. His are the most played CD’s in my family’s collection. This is not just music for awe of talent or entertainment. Don’t expect musical gymnastics, long held out high notes or impressive rumbling low notes. The music is easy to listen to and of high quality, but this is mostly “message music.” Listen to the message wrapped up in each song and you will see what I mean. Go ahead, “Taste and See.”
Dan Grentz

Buddy Houghtaling is a songwriter and musician disguised as a dentist. His Christ-centered songs are characterized by unique perspectives and surprising twists that reach the heart. In the years since I was first introduced to Buddy’s music, he and his group (Dan Grentz, Linda Sears, and Ramon Weber) have become my music of choice for travel, devotion, inspiration and just plain joy!
Lee Venden

Buddy Houghtaling’s music combines clear headed Bible teaching with a warm and compassionate heart and the result is a memorable mix of truths and melodies that settle deeply into your soul. For over twenty years, Buddy’s music has been reminding me of the grace and assurance I find in the Word of God.
Bill Knott

Buddy Houghtaling has an incredible gift of telling Bible stories in new and exciting songs that strike a beautiful chord in the heart of the listener. Not only do Bible truths come through, but they speak in such a way that they work their way into the mind and soul of each listener. This is truly a gift from God. It was an honor to be part of this awesome project.
Phil Naish