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CD Albums

One of Those Clouds (released in 2010) 

One of Those Clouds – Acoustic (released in 2010) 

Tell Me the Story (released in 2007) 

Mercy Road (released in 2003) 

How Many Memories (released in 1997) 

I Will Wait (released in 1993) 

Little Lamb’s Song (released in 1989) 

Family Reunion (released in 1985) 


These Specials are packages available as MP3 download only, and these Specials are not provided in a physical CD format.

Bible Story Songs
Mellow For Everyone
Kids Favorites

Performance Tracks

The Performance Tracks are instrumental only. They ship with lyrics sheets for personal usage, performances, special music, or any background accompaniment needs.  Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of soundtracks. These are custom made. Multiple soundtracks will be placed on one CD.
(Available in Downloadable MP3 Performance Track or Physical CD Soundtrack)

ONE OF THOSE CLOUDS – Performance Tracks

1) One Of Those Clouds (Mr. Weatherman)
2) Joe Jacobson
3) Song of Ramah
4) Begin Again God
5) All Things
6) Chasing
7) Taste and See
8) She Is
9) MT
10) I Am Persuaded
11) I’m Amazed

MERCY ROAD – Performance Tracks

1) Take Your Burden
2) Thank-You for the Blood
3) Hands On God
4) Laughing Willow
5) What Love
6) Close Your Eyes
7) Precious Lord Take My Hand
9) She Knows
10) Mercy Road
11) Snow White Dove
12) When Pigs Fly
13) The Stone
14) Mary Had a Little Lamb


1) Medley of Joy
2) Little Drummer Boy
3) Real Star of Bethlehem
4) A Cradle, A Cross, and a Crown
5) What Child Is This
6) Ordinary Joe
7) For God So Loves the World
8) Hear the Bells
9) Silent Night
10 ) Tell Me the Story


1) He Keeps Me Running
2) My Nails
3) Song of Zacchaeus
4) At the Last Trump
5) Psalm 23
6) How Many Memories (Hannah’s Bio)
7) Follow the Herd
8) You’d Never Know
9) Basketball Song
10) Come


1) Keep Your Eyes On Me
2) Deep Sea Diving
3) I Will Wait
4) Here Kitty Kitty
5) Where Is Your Treasure
6) Somebody Else’s Armor
7) Grace
8) Looking Back
9) You’re Saved


1) Let His Spirit Come In
2) Eddie
3) Mr. Darwin
4) Anything You’ve Got In Mind
5) Family Reunion
6) Loving Who I’ll Be
7) In God’s Time
8) You Don’t Talk To Me
9) The Cardinal
10) Jonathan



Mercy Road
How Many Memories
I Will Wait
Little Lamb’s Song
Family Reunion